Full-voice visual novel!, now available for Japanese language only.

Full-voice visual novel for Android!
, only Japanese version is available now.

- Using seven luxury voice actresses on this game!
- Customizing your character to dress up by getting the items!
- Available to communicate with other players!
* It updates constantly, so you can enjoy this application long time!

- Ren (CV: Ayako Kawasumi) - Nodame Cantabile, Pokémon, Anpanman
- Rina (CV: Chiwa Saito) - ONE PIECE, Pokémon, InuYasha, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00
- Honoka (CV: Kikuko Inoue) - Ranma1/2, Sailor Moon, KiKi’s Delivery Service
- Yuna(CV: Saki Fujita) - BLEACH, CHROME SHELLED REGIOS, Hatsune Miku
- Chizuru(CV: Shizuka Ito) - GHOST IN THE SHELL, Heartcatch Precure!, Negi Magi !?,
- Miyu(CV: Ai Shimizu) - Neon Genesis Evangelion, GINTAMA, Hell Girl, Hayate no gotoku
- Kobato(CV: Ryoko Shintani) - Doraemon, Hidamari Sketch, Maria Holic, Kure-nai

** Game Story **
Welcome to Izu Island High, just a typical local high school in a seaside town. Get ready to spend each and every day here as either a student.
Now, in year two, you find yourself surrounded by the colorful and zany characters of Class 2C: Chizuru, the class president who's a little too playful with the other girls, Kobato, the rich girl who always seems to be above the fray, Miyu, the little sweetheart who's as timid as a mouse, Rina, the rude loudmouth with a definite soft spot, Honoka, the homeroom teacher who rules the class with an iron smile, and, of course, Ren... the class superstar. This is voicing visual nobel that tries to date with charming heroines and aim to become a lover.
Do you have what it takes to share in their secrets and earn their trust?
Get ready to enjoy a full and fast-paced adventure here in the beautiful autumn of Izu Island.


Winlight Co., Ltd.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 16:00:02
File size:15MB
OS:Android 2.0 and up

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